Lake Orion Schools – A Great Learning Environment for Success

The Lake Orion School District is proud to offer many wonderful learning opportunities for its students. Seven elementary level schools are available for attendance in grades kindergarten through fifth. These include Blanche Sims Elementary, Paint Creek Elementary, Pine Tree Elementary and Webber Elementary. Along with four Elementary level schools, there are three elementary ‘focus schools.’ Each one of these ‘focus schools’ has a unique teaching style that allows students to learn in different ways. The first of the three ‘focus’ schools, Carpenter Elementary School, is known for being a ‘year-round school.’ Same number of school days are included, but summer vacation is shortened to five to six weeks, and the other weeks off are dispersed throughout the school year. During three of these dispersed weeks, students may attend an optional, week long ‘intersession’ where students are taught about a topic using hands-on experiences. The second of the three focus schools is Orion Oaks. Orion Oaks places each student into one of four ‘neighborhoods’. Each neighborhood contains four classes: kindergarten, lower elementary, upper elementary, and fifth grade. Lower elementary contains children in grades first and second; upper elementary contains children in grades third and fourth. This allows the children to have more opportunity to interact with each other and allows each teacher to help students more individually. The third of the three focus schools is Stadium Drive Elementary, School of the Arts. Music, art, theater, and dance are greatly encouraged of the students. A dance teacher and a theater teacher are a part of the staff who specialize in teaching their subject. At Stadium Drive Elementary, students are encouraged to show creativity and express themselves.

Waldon, Oakview, and Scripps are the three Lake Orion Community Middle Schools available for students to attend. Each middle school is committed to helping students grow while achieving high standards. Each middle school has many activities for students to participate in to grow socially and discover interests. The Lake Orion Community Middle schools believe that every child has something to contribute to the community and are willing to help each child find that ‘something.’

Lake Orion High School is committed to preparing youth for their contribution to society. The High School provides many resources for students as they prepare for the future. Each student is offered classes that can help prepare him or her for college and future careers. There are many school activities for students to get involved in that allow them to create relationships with peers.

Make sure you keep Lake Orion schools high on your list of districts to consider!