Property Tax Estimator

You can now access estimates on property taxes by local unit and school district, using 2011 millage rates. Simply enter the SEV (for future owners) or the Taxable Value (for current owners), and select your county from the drop down list provided. You will then be prompted to select your city, village or township along with your school district.


Property Tax Estimator



Millage rates are those levied and billed in 2011. Rates for 2012 will be posted in July 2013. Rates include the 1% property tax administration fee.

• Rates include special assessments levied on a millage basis and levied in all of a township, city, or village. Rates also include special assessments levied on a millage basis for police, fire or advanced life support and levied township-wide excluding a village. Rates do not include other special assessments.

• In a few local unit/school district combinations, community college millage is levied on some properties but not others, or there are different community colleges in parts of the area. The database uses only one community college rate (or none if most of the area is not in the community college district).

• Some properties that have been transferred from one school district to another pay operating millage to one school district and debt millage to another. The database typically does not include rates for these transfer properties.