Tenant Screening Report

Tenant Screening Reports


Landlord Benefits: Tenant screening is the single most valuable tool for landlords and property managers when determining which tenants are appropriate for their rental properties and which are not. A comprehensive tenant screening report is the most effective way to minimize rental risk thereby increasing property profits.


Tenant Benefits: In today’s competitive rental market it not uncommon for a landlord or property manager to receive several rental applications on any given property. By providing a comprehensive tenant screening report with an application to lease potential tenants can gain a significant advantage over other applicants.


Reports Include: Credit Report w/FICO Score, National Eviction Database, Nationwide Criminal Report, Nationwide Sex Offenders List, SSN Verification & Fraud Detection, Search Death Index, U.S. Address Stability, Tenant Liens & Judgments Search, Patriot Act Search, Worldwide Terrorist Watch List and Fugitive Database.


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Report Fee: Each report is $45 per person.


How To: Step #1 – Click on the Tenant Report Application link below.

Step #2 – Complete Application & Payment information.

Step #3 – You will receive your report within 2 business days.


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